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Jupyter Notebooks with Python and JavaScript

August 06, 2018


This is amazing. I have been using Jupyter Notebook for studying how to code in Python. When I learned how to code in JavaScript, I wished there was a way that I can create notes while writing code. Lately, I have been studying coding interview questions, and have been using Jupyter notebook. The thing is that I can only use Python. It's actually not a big deal because I'd rather code in Python for coding interviews than in JavaScript. But still, it would be nice to be able to code in JavaScript, and create notes at the same time. So I was glad to find IJavaScript.


I also found a plugin called PixieDust Node, but I can only run JavaScript code in a single cell (meaning, I cannot execute functions I defined in a previous cell). I also have to use the magic, %%node each time in the same cell. But using iJavaScript, the whole notebook is run in Node.js. But an advantage of PixieDust Node over IJavaScript is that I can do JavaScript and Python in the same notebook.

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